Maanantai-blah ja viikon kysymys nro 6 - Monday-blah and question of the week #6

Hyvin alkoi ensimmäinen työpäivä loman jälkeen. Olivat mokomat laajentaneet Mäkkylän myllerrystä kehällä niin että ei enää päässytkään kätevästi bussipysäkille (juu, en ole kolmeen viikkoon sielläpäin käynyt) ja piti hieman kierrellä toiselle pysäkille. Tosin eipä siinä mikään kiire sitten olisi ollutkaan kun bussi mokoma jätti vuoron välistä ja seuraava tuli puolen tunnin päästä. Jei.

Olen jo toipunut katkenneen puikon aiheuttamasta traumasta (suunnilleen), vaikka en olekaan heti ajatellut hommata korvaavaa, kun pitää tilata ja tulisi lisää lankaa kun eihän sitä nyt yksiä puikkoja voi tilata jne. Onneksi on Options-setti lohduttamassa. Puikko oli kiinni keskeneräisessä Hjertegarn Ribboo-tekeleessä josta on takakappale lähes valmis. Mutta harmikseni huomasin että siitä taitaa tulla hieman liian leveä ja koska tuo Ribboo levähtää pesussa (ja ehkä käytössäkin) taitaa olla tulossa purkamiskeikka. Mutta kannattaisiko tuo nyt pestä ja mitata? Olisi ainakin iso mallitilkku ja sitten sen ei kai pitäisi uudelleenneulomisen jälkeen pesussa levähtää?

Mutta, eteenpäin viikon kysymykseen nro 6...vastaan siihen vain englanniksi koska olen laiska.

- -

What a nice start for my first work-day after the holidays...and a Monday too. There's a ring road near our flat where I take the bus to work on most mornings (I have other options but that is usually fast in the morning) and they are doing some major road work there, and had expanded it so that is is not possible to go to the bus stop through the area anymore (but of course they let the cars through, hah). So I had to walk faster to reach another stop though I should not have hurried for the bus I was waiting for never showed up and I had to wait for the next one. I was not a happy camper when I finally got to work.

I have somewhat gotten over the shock of the snapped needle although I have not made any immediate plans for a replacement for it takes effort and ordering and means more yarn for one can not order just one pair of needles etc. Luckily I have my Options set to comfort me. The needle was attached to my on-going Hjertegarn Ribboo-project where I have advanced so that I'm almost finished with the back piece. But, I noticed that in spite of all my calculations it looks to be a bit too big so maybe a trip to the frog pond is in order for I fear that it will grow even more after washing. But, should I wash it now so that I have the world's largest swatch? For I think that after washing the yarn is set so to speak and will not behave weirdly anymore.

But, on to SP12 question of the week #6 (I always seem to be a bit behind on these).

Questions #6

What is your favorite type of project to take along on holiday/vacation?

I prefer something small and portable, so no sweaters for me. Though wonder of all wonders, I rarely take my knitting with me on holidays, only if I know for certain I will have time to knit. Mostly I just take my knitting with me when I visit my parents, some friends and knit-meets. Though with these new more relaxed air regulations it might be possible to knit at the airport at least.

But, if I do I prefer socks or scarves. I've been dragging the scarf I'm making from my Alaskan cashmere (Skeleton Scarf from Arctic Knitting) with me to my parent's and it's on its way of becoming finished (I'm on the second ball already) and I have to find a replacement for it. I prefer something simple so I don't have to concentrate too much on it. Maybe start some new socks?

If you’d like to share a story…Tell us about a time that you packed too much knitting or were stranded without knitting.

I've never packed too much knitting...yet. But I have been stranded without knitting many times. It would have been nice to have a knit at hand those times when you have to wait at some airport for a plane that's late (but then they banned the dangerous knitting needles from hand luggage). And once I packed the wrong needles with me and couldn't do a thing! That was shocking for I had prepared myself for some serious knitting that weekend.

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