Välityö - Interlude

Mitä tehdä kun palmikkopaita tympii ja Ullan deadline lähestyy? No kaivaa tietysti esiin pari kerää Noron Silk Garden DK:ta ja neuloo huivin!

- -

What to do when cable cardi is boring and Ulla's deadline is approaching? Well, just dig out a couple of balls of Noro's Silk Garden DK and knit a scarf!

- -

Ideana oli siis koeponnistaa aiemmin tehty huivi ohjemuotoon. Tajunnanvirta kun pitää saada jotenkin siihen muotoon että sitä ymmärtää joku muukin. Ja ihan ymmärrettävän näköinen huivi siitä mielestäni tuli.

The idea was to make another scarf according to one previously knit and make the pattern somewhat understandable. And it turned out pretty nice, I'd say.

- -

Ja vanha hiuvikin sai itseensä jatkoa 50g:n verran ja muuttui heti ihan kuin toiseksi huiviksi.

The old scarf got an extension worth of 50g and became quite the new scarf.

- -

Ja ah, tätä pakkasta, keinokuituisia hupunvuorauksia ja hentoa suomalaista hiuslaatua.

And hail to the low temperatures, hood linings made out of man-made fibres and thin Finnish hair-type.

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Anonymous said...

Your scarf is beautiful.

I just have to let you know that I am back home after a week in Osaka and i did manage to find the yarn shop you mentioned in your blog last year. Masuzakiya, I think was the name. Before I left I searched the internaet for yarn shops in Osaka and didn't find much. Your blog was the most helpful. I happened to see the namba Walks sign and so went down. As you know there are many entrances and I didn't know how to find this shop, but I did have the name in japanese written down as you suggested. I found a directory and studied and studied it, but still couldn't find the shop in it. so I decided just to start walking down in one directin, then turn back the other way and hope to find it. I started walking and within 3 minutes I had found it! jThey weren't having a sale on--well their Noro was 10% off, which I don't consider a great sale, but I did buy some and some Puppy.

I felt so proud of myself for actually finding this store. Then later in a mall near my hotel I found another craft store with some yarns, though not a big selection. I boutght some pretty Diagold--fine wool. I think it will make a nice sweater. so I have 3 new yarns in my stash.

thank you so much for the information you posted. That store in namba Walks is #95, if you go back some time.

happy knitting!