Jo, det gör jag

Kiitoksia myötätunnosta, känny voi jo paljon paremmin. Olen jopa hieman neulonut, pari riviä palmikkopaitaa. Että eiköhän se tästä. Nyt lähden lepuuttelemaan kättä ja aivoja Tukholman risteilylle. Arvatkaa kuka unohti moisen asian lankahamstereihin ilmoittautuessaan? Ei sitten mennä lankakauppoihin, ei.

- -

Thanks for the compassion, the wrist is much better already. I've even knitted a couple of lines of the cable cardi. Small steps etc. Now I'm off to enjoy some r&r of mind and body and go to a cruise to Stockholm. And guess who forgot about the whole thing when enrolling in the stash reduction month? No yarn stores then.


Anonymous said...

Hi Niina!

I don't speak Finnish, but you obviously read English. Your English is perfect, so you must have lived in an English speaking country. I'm so sorry about your wrist. I hope it is perfectly well in no time.

I found your blog while looking for yarn stores in Osaka. I see you were there about a year ago. I am off to Osaka next week, for a one-week visit.

And I just recieved my Options needle set this week. I haven't used them yet, because the project I am working on currently is on #3 needles, but I am anxious to get started with them. Everyone in my knitting group (almost) has just bought some. It seems to be the rage here.

I live in Duluth Minnesota. I used to live in near Hancock, Michigan. Have you ever heard of it? Finlandia University is there, which was at that time called Suomi College.

Take care,


Niina said...

Hi Cecilia,

I tried answering you before but apparently my reply disappeared into the bit heaven. So, again it is, then.

Thank you for the compliments on my English, it's always nice to hear someone reads my English rambles also and they're not just for my enjoyment. And no, I've lived all my life in Finland, I just like to read a lot - and talk when I get the chance.

Nice to hear you're going to Osaka, I hope you enjoy it. Plenty of good food to be had there, for sure. And try to visit the yarn shops also if you can. You might find some nice Noro bargains there, like I did.

I've enjoyed my Options so far. Though I've had to tighten the needles once or twice during knitting I've liked them a lot. A good value for the money, I'd say.

I've heard of Suomi College, yes, though I've never been there. Do you have a blog?

Anonymous said...

Hi Niina. (I have a niece named Nina)

No blog, but I have a photo site, where I put pictures of from my travels. http://webpages.charter.net/jriehl/travels/travels.htm

I am definitely looking forward to checking out the yarn stores in Osaka. I hope to find some Noro. some of my knitting friends have done beautiful things with Noro. Are there any other Japanese yarns that I should look for? I don't shop for yarn that much, so don't know a lot of name brands. I tend to have only enough yarn in my stash for two or three projects. I know that's pretty unusual. Maybe it will change. I just don't like to get too far ahead of myself.

Nice chatting with you.


Niina said...

Hi Cecilia,

I looked at your photosite. You've done quite a lot of traveling. Nice photos.

Well, I'm not an expert on Japanese yarns either, but there's a brand called Puppy. Though I'm not sure how much of their yarn is really Japanese but that's the case of lot of yarns these days. They tend to come from same countries (like Italy).