Pictures from the life of a knitter

(imagine read in the voice of David Attenborough) Ja anteeksi, en millään voi kuvitella ko. henkilön puhuvan mitään muuta kieltä kuin englantia, siksi vain sillä kielellä tällä kertaa.

- -

The knitter is an elusive species easily disturbed by cameras and loud noises. But if we tread carefully, we can see traces of the knitter as it goes about on its daily business.

The place where the knitter can be found most often is in the corner of this sofa. If you look carefully you can see scattered amongst the cushions small, peculiar objects the knitter has left behind. The purpose for all these is not clear but apparently they are involved in the craft somehow.

The knitter consumes copious amounts of hot liquids during its crafty endeavours. It uses special receptacles for that and though it usually owns several pieces, it seems to favour some above the other. The reasons behind this behaviour could be that this particular "cup" - as they call them - seems to be larger than the others. Here you can see it in its "ready to use" -state, filled up with tea.

Here you can see some of the favourite pieces of this knitter. On the left you can see the traditional Winnie-the-Pooh -style cup and on the right is a hand side is a hand-painted one with cat decorations.

This individual, like the magpie, is also overly fond of shiny objects which it uses to adorn itself. The favourite trinket changes from time to time but lately it has been seen wearing this silver piece bought from a Tibet exhibition in San Francisco summer 2005.

The views at this time of the year are never pretty in Finland and this knitter seems to have difficulty pointing out the favourite view around its surroundings (if one excludes yarn) so instead you can see the one view this individual sees the most, perhaps. It is the view from the spare bedroom where the books and computer are located. The blue thing you can see vaguely in the picture is a structure called a "Moomin House".

The knitter is a timid creature that likes to stay close to its nest but wanders outside occasionally when the need arises. It is very fond of footwear, like many of its fellow creatures. This one seems to prefer black footwear and has already switched to deeper winter plumage, so the colour and styles appear more sombre than in the more sunnier seasons. However, this one seems to prefer these black, almost military style boots.

But during the summer season the knitter has been seen wearing more colours and perhaps the strangest pair of footwear this knitter owns is this pair obtained from the region of Brussels sometime last summer.

The knitter usually possesses a thing called a "stash" where it keeps its hoard of yarn. Usually there is a favourite amongst the multitude but unfortunately this particular specimen could not point out its favourite.
This is all there is to show at this point, I hope you enjoyed this peek into the life of a knitter.


Anonymous said...

Mainio kirjoitus! Saatoin tosiaan kuulla David Attenboroughn äänen lukemassa tuota selostusta.

Anonymous said...

David Attenborough sanasto on kyllä käytössä. Pidän erityisesti sanasta copious. Hauskaa luettavaa! :)